About Me


My name is Cello,

Born and raised in the Coachella Valley, and I want to share my cinnamon rolls with everyone. Originally started making cinnamon rolls as a hobby to do on my spare time, but now I see it as a opportunity to help pay down my student loans and save up for a coding boot camp. All my cinnamon rolls are made fresh daily and as of now I have 12 different toppings for everyone to try. I plan to add new rolls every other week so be sure to sign up with your email to be the first ones notified. Signing up with your email will be beneficial for future promotions and discount codes as well. Also be sure to follow Cello Bello's on all social medias, we will be doing giveaways every week, and the winners will get a 6pc of their choice. You can find the links to every page down below.


As a local home business, I'll have limitations on how fast I can finish orders based on how many get placed for the day. Any orders posted before 9 p.m. will be fulfilled for the next morning. Orders posted after 9 p.m. will be fulfilled after the orders posted before 9 p.m. and if there was too many orders for the day, it'll be postponed for the following day. 


If anyone has any questions regarding the cinnamon rolls and any related questions, feel free to head to our contact page.